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About Me

Suzie grew up in Upstate NY and discovered her obsession for visual art very early on. She was drawing & painting incessantly in her school art studios, and spent weekends full of wonder visiting the local Albright Knox Art Museum. Her mother was a fashion plate - a rare bird for Buffalo - decked out in Pucci, Chanel & Jean Muir and who’s WWD subscription Suzie would pore over daily, studying the looks of all the well-appointed NYC society ladies. Suzie went on her first trip abroad to London at age 14 where she was exposed to even more avant-garde fashion designers and her scope of references expanded exponentially. These early experiences, and having an aesthete mother as a mentor, ingrained in Suzie an artistic sensibility that is at once outside the box whilst keeping relevant within the times.

Adventurous curiosity & an innate knack for visual communication drew Suzie to her studies and consequently into her professional life. Having an incurable case of wanderlust, she went back to London where she worked, took courses at the Academy of the Arts London and traveled before settling into the work force in Los Angeles. She initially found herself in the advertising & production worlds, and soon landed in her zone working with agents of celebrity hairstylists & makeup artists, including Cloutier (Remix), Aim Artists, and Celestine Agency. Suzie’s singular talent & skill set had her overseeing artists’ portfolios & reels, updating agency websites, designing layouts of marketing materials, and in some cases completely redesigning company logos (identities) for rebranding campaigns.

Artists and administrators alike find collaborating with Suzie to be an absolute joy. Just like fashion is a personal expression, Suzie is interested in visually communicating a personal message for her clients to their audience. She brings focus to brands and their campaigns with efficiency honed throughout 15+ years employing word processing & digital imaging programs, as well as major social media platforms of today. Suzie is fluent in Mac, PC, Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress, Squarespace, Format, Exel, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube. All inquiries are welcome and Suzie looks forward to creating a beautiful visual experience for you and your clients to share.

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